Channel Weighing have the tools and knowledge to maintain and service all types of scales, from brands including: Ohaus scales, Seca scales, Good scales, UWE scales, Weymed Scales, Weylux Scales, Tanita Scales, Salter Scales, and Mettler Toledo Scales, to mention just a few.

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Weymed scales maintenance | Weylux scales maintenance | Tanita scales maintenance | Salter scales maintenance | Mettler Toledo scales maintenance

Hints and Tips - Why have your scales maintained regularly?

If your scales aren't broken, don't fix them. Maintain them, instead!

There's just no getting around it, equipment that is serviced regularly works better, lasts longer, and breaks down less often. The same is true of your scales.

That's why Channel Weighing recommend that the more your business depends on scales the more determined you should be about their regular maintenance.

If it's about time to have your scales cleaned and serviced...or better yet, if it's time to put a maintenance plan in place, Channel Weighing can provide you with a free quote on whatever level of service you choose.

Channel Weighing maintain all makes and models of scale, including Ohaus , Seca , Good , UWE , Weymed , Weylux , Tanita , Salter , Mettler Toledo. We cover the whole of England including London, Kent, and Essex.

If you require scales maintenance, please call our hotline on
01227 711020 with your requirements, or
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We look forward to speaking with you.
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